Friday, November 11, 2011

Where Are We Going? Who Cares, Let's Dance!

I didn't find a work study position.  But that's ok.  I got things worked out with the financial aid office.  Right now, I'm just focused on getting through this semester.  It is rather chaotic.  Doing 18 credit hours worth of work, two intensive writing courses, two astronomy classes (I'm not that great at science)... plus I'm trying to figure out an internship for next semester.

Travis and I have been having a mini-identity crisis.  We have no idea what we are going to do with our lives.  Choosing a career is such a HUGE decision.  It isn't something to just take lightly.  After having some disappointment with Trav's job, he's made the decision to go to college.  We are going to be sticking around Bloomington just a little longer.  He's been fancying a nationally recognized program at Indiana University.  I think it fits him perfectly.  I think... wait, I know he will be happy in this field.  He is interested in two majors.  I don't think he can double major - but the majors are so similar, a lot of the courses can be counted for both.  So until he finds his niche, he won't be sacrificing years at college if he chooses to do one major over the other.  The majors are a B.S. in Park & Recreation Management and a B.S. in Outdoor Recreation and Resource Management.  Getting set up for next year is actually on Trav's To-Do List for today!  This will be exciting!  

What am I going to do?  Well I have no idea.  I won't lie.  Not long ago, I attended a networking night on campus.  I met a gentleman from a local publishing company.  It is a fast growing publishing company!  As I talked with him, the company sounded better and better.  It literally fit everything I desire in a career.  I asked the gentleman about internships.  He responded saying that the company does not believe in un-paid internships.  That sounds amazing, right?  Well, due to budgeting, they do not have room currently for interns.  I was crushed.  I need an internship to graduate next semester.  I am really looking to intern for a company where I could be hired on full-time.  This publishing company has multiple job openings.  The hours are a typical 8-5 shift, but starting and ending times can vary once in a while.  Even though they are not hiring interns, they are hiring full-time positions.  What would be the harm in applying now anyways?  I have really no commitments next semester.  

The problem:  I still need 20 hours a week in an internship (Rabble Rabble).  So, I did a lot of research these past few days.  I have a strong interest for genealogy.  I've been exposed to genealogy since I was a wee-little thing.  I have a passion for research.  I contemplated going to graduate school, but I am afraid I will over-qualify myself for the careers that I want.  I really feel like my only desire to continue to graduate school is my love for writing and research.  Well... if I apply for a position with a publishing company - I satisfy my writing passion.  Where could I get the research?  Genealogy!  I looked online for the genealogical library here in Bloomington.  They hire interns and are in need for volunteers all the time!  They have flexible scheduling, because they expect that majority of interns and volunteers work during the day!  Why, this is perfect!  They are not open on Sunday or Monday, but they are open on Fridays and Saturdays.  I could dedicate a lot of hours on Fridays and Saturdays (when they need people most) to an internship!  I could work in Event Planning or the Genealogical Library.  I really like this idea!

So today, I am meeting with the career center on campus.  I have so many questions to ask.  I'd also like them to review my resume and help me with cover letters.  I have such a difficult time selling myself.  Maybe it's because of a lack of direction and/or self-confidence and fear of rejection.  I don't know.  But I always blow it on interviews.  I practice with family and friends - and I do great practicing interviews.  Yet, the moment arises to hand over my resume and tell the possible employer about myself, and I fumble.  More than likely, I'm going to need another appointment with the career advisor.  But I'm super excited to at least talk to someone today about my career objectives.  We'll see how it goes.

Oh yeah!  I haven't updated the stats, but we paid off another medical bill!!  YAY!  And we have more money in our emergency fund!  We still have a ways to go, but we're getting closer!  

Happy dance! 

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