Thursday, April 5, 2012

Keeping My Options Open

Ever feel like you could be doing something more?  Ever feel like you are more valuable?  Well, luckily, that's how I have been feeling.

I absolutely adore my job at the zoo.  I'm just an intern.  I don't get paid to work from 8 AM to 5 PM every day I am there (which is 3 days a week).  But I wake up early and look forward to going to work there.  I love the people I work with.  I love being around animals, even the creepy, crawling ones.  I love the work I am doing.  I cannot think of any negative thing about the job - except that it will end when April ends.  I love this place so much, I do not want to leave.  Tuesday, I cut my eye pretty bad.  It's ok.  It's just taking time to heal.  But, yesterday, when the doctor told me to stay home and rest my eye - I still went into the office at the zoo to talk to everyone.  Right after I left the doctor's office, I went straight to the zoo because I didn't want them worrying about me and I wanted to fill them in on everything.  I didn't get to stay and work, and that made me sad.  I hated not being there.

Don't get me wrong, I love my actual job.  I work for an auction company with really great people.  However, I feel like there is more I could be doing.  And I know when we renegotiate my salary, I might not get the wage I am looking for.  I could be doing more and getting paid more.  I'll definitely hang out there for a while, but I feel like this is holding me back from what I could be doing.

For months, a financial advising company that is well known in Fort Wayne has been contacting me.  At first, they wanted me to apply for the recruiting coordinator position.  I applied, but didn't get the position.  However, one of the leading partners for the company still contacted me relentlessly.  He asked me to apply for a new position the company has created.  It is Marketing & Client Relations - and I will be working alongside the partner of the company.  From the job description, it sounds like something that is up my alley.  Literally, it sounds like they looked at my resume and created this position tailored to me.  So I sent in my updated resume and I have an interview this week.  This company has been rated in the top 20 companies to work for in Fort Wayne, and they are offering a "lucrative" salary with benefits. Can't beat that, huh?

Well, before I injured my eye on Tuesday, the education department had their weekly meeting at the zoo.  That is the department I intern for, so I attend the meetings as well.  At the meeting, we were gathering dates for everyone's vacation, holidays, etc.  The PR and Communications Director asked when my internship ends.  I shrugged at looked at my supervisor - the Volunteer Coordinator - and I asked her.  She joked saying, "you never put in a day, so we're just going to keep you all summer."  In response, I said, "good, I don't want to leave."  Then, the Education Coordinator, my buddy, Kristin says, "Hey, why don't you apply for Rebecca's job?"

No joke, this feels like serendipity.  What is Rebecca's job?  She is the Development Assistant at the zoo.  Her job requires client relations between the zoo's education department and sponsors and donors, she manages budgets for events and programs, and she does the more detailed office work of what I currently do at the zoo.  I'm a PR and event planning intern.  I just create all the fun stuff and implement it.  Her job is managing the funds and detailed paperwork of the events.  She does this for all education programs.  On the plus side, I could continue making videos for the zoo.

After Kristin's brilliant idea, everyone in the room was saying, "Do it!"  I didn't know Rebecca was offered another job elsewhere that was closer to home and paid a little bit more.  She didn't want to leave the zoo, however she wasn't going to turn down a great opportunity.  After the meeting, I walked up to Rebecca and I asked her if she would mind me job shadowing her for a day.  She's an absolute sweetheart, so of course she said, "sure!"  I sat there beside her and she showed me a little bit of what she was working on.  She had put together a detailed packet on how to do everything at the job so that the next person who came wouldn't be lost.  Rebecca filled me in on what she does and she said to me, "I know what you do for your internship, and you are very good at it.  You would be great at this position."  They are looking for someone to start right away - thinking the first week of May.  Um... hello - perfect timing?!  I went ahead and applied for the position.

Kristin and the volunteer coordinator were saying that if I get the job, I have to join them 2 nights a week with the rest of the "Zumba Zoo Crew" for Zumba nights.  Fine by me!  For the rest of the day after I had talked to Rebecca, Kristin and Susie (another sweet lady at the office) seemed really excited.  They filled me in on everything.  They said, "don't take the job if it isn't something you want to do.  But this is what the zoo offers in benefits...."  I told the girls that it would really come down to the dollar signs - but my heart automatically leans towards the zoo.  I have to keep my options open and think of Travis and I. So I will continue putting out my resume to different places, go to interviews, and see if I get any offers.  Travis and I will discuss each job that is offered to me, and I'll choose which place is the best decision.

I did tell the volunteer coordinator that if I don't get the job, I would like to volunteer.  She seemed super happy about that. :)

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