Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh My Golly Gee Wiz!

I must say that I really do love 2012!  Travis got the job he applied for, so right now, he is finishing up the mandatory tests, background check, la di da.  I had a bit of a run-in with my financial aid.  It still hasn't shown up in the mail yet, which is super frustrating.  In order to keep my financial aid, I had to register for 6 credit hours instead of only 4.  That means I would have to complete 300 hours at my internship.  I asked my supervisor, and she said that worked great for her!  I'm super happy it all worked out.  Plus, I freaking LOVE my job at the zoo.  Right now, I'm making training videos.  It is super fun because I get to see all the animals up close.  Sorry, I cannot post pictures.  It's against the policy.  But let me tell you, I've pretty much gotten over my fear of snakes. haha!

This has become a fantastic month as well.  Previously, I applied to 1 job here in town.  I was not expecting to get a call back.  Last week, I was offered an interview.  I just came back from it.  The job sounds great.  I know I would enjoy it.  I don't know if it is something I really want to do, but hey, it's a job!  I'd be an administrative/marketing assistant that helps with their social media sites.  Definitely a job that is in my niche.  The great thing about it was that out of 155 applicants, they only chose the top ten applicants they liked for an interview.  Yup, that's right kiddos.  I was one of them!  My interview blunder:  I totally under-sold myself.  They asked what I would expect in compensation on an hourly basis.  Uh... I probably should have thought about that.  I'm so used to being told how much I make.  I didn't take into consideration how much I expect to get paid hourly.  I figured for salary, maybe $30-$40,000.  Yeah.... ::cringes:: I said $10-$13/hour, but I would have to think about it more depending on the amount of work I would be doing.  YIKES!   I sold myself short by $10!  ::facepalm::  I feel like crawling under a rock.  But who knows, maybe they'll see that I am genuine.  Maybe they'll pay me a decent wage for my work if they hire me, not the low-ball price I said.  And who knows, maybe everyone else was asking for a much higher wage and the interviewers tuned them out.  I still cannot believe I did that.  I have to keep reminding myself... this is a big kid job!  Not some side, part-time gig to make ends meet.  GAH, I'm worth more than that!

However, I did get offered a job that might pay more.  I was invited to an interview with one of the top ten companies to work for in Fort Wayne, IN.  The position is a Recruiting Coordinator/Client Support position.  They found me through  We'll see where the wind takes me.  It would be nice to have options available.  Besides, I'm really blessed.  Two offers for an interview when I wasn't really trying to look for a job... that's pure blessings.  So many people out there are struggling to find a job.  My heart goes out to them.  It's such a scary position to be in.  Even if I do not get either of these jobs, I still remember to count my blessings.  I was offered TWO interviews.  Let's just say that I'm worth more than I originally thought I was.  That, my friends, makes all the difference.

So, to make me feel a little better, anyone want to share their greatest interview blunders? :P

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