Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Everyone Wants Paid... Except Me?

I am really frustrated with my previous job at the moment.  I have a $300-$400 check that was mailed to the wrong address.  I have went in personally to speak with the supervisors about my check, and the gentleman took my name, my correct address, and my phone number.  He told me that he would "take care of it."  A week went by, and I still hadn't received it.  So I called, only to be directed to voicemail.  I left a detailed message, explaining my paycheck was mailed to the wrong address and I would like to know the status of my paycheck.  I did not get a call back.

Here it is, one month later, and I still haven't received it.  I went in another time, only to give my information all over again to someone new.  I called a total of 5 times.  By this point, I was upset.  More like pissed off.  I had to go in person again to the office.  ALL of the supervisors were standing outside smoking.  The gentleman I spoke to the first time said bye to everyone and left.  Convenient.... As I spoke to another supervisor, this girl tries to give me every excuse in the book.

"We just fired a bunch of staff."
That sucks... I don't really care.

"We cannot handle checks here."
Ok, direct me to someone who can.

"Oh, I remember you.  Did you not get my e-mail?"
Nope, never got an e-mail.

"Did someone call you?"
No, that's why I'm here.

Then another supervisor (the one who told me that during my telemarketing calls, if the prospect says they are dying of cancer, I was supposed to ask "is it terminal?") comes up and asks if my check is even valid.  He began asking if there even was a check for me.  He was trying to persuade me into thinking this check didn't exist.  I gave him a snarky remark, saying I know for a fact because the other supervisor had told me it existed!  And um... HELLOOO.... I freaking worked for free practically!  That's not going to just fly by me.

After pressing for a while, the girl finally repeats, "well, we don't handle paychecks here."  I asked her who does.  She gives me the name, e-mail address, and phone number of the lady that handles the paychecks.  Then she feeds me the additional excuse, "yeah, like I said, we just fired a bunch of people last week, so it has been hectic."  I reply that this has been an issue for over a month now.  I wasn't buying the excuse.  She gives me a snarky apology, and the other supervisor (the one that didn't believe me) says that there was no way a paycheck could be lost for a month unless I didn't contact them about it.  Fired up, I responded, "Well, after coming in here multiple times and having my voicemails ignored, I don't really care what's happening here.  If I have to return here again, I'll bring my attorney with me."  They restate that they don't handle the paychecks, so I replied, "well then I'm sure your higher ups won't mind speaking to my attorney about your mishap."  I thanked them, and left.

They tried telling me that they don't handle the paychecks - which I know is a downright lie.  They handle them bi-weekly.  They send the paychecks out.  They were the ones that sent the paycheck to the wrong address.  And they were the ones avoiding my calls about the status of my paycheck for an entire month.

All the while, I think of how I received numerous calls from debt collectors and bills in the mail.  Everything has a due date.  I cannot go past the due date without paying - or else I could be given a fee.  But, when it comes to people paying ME back, they can take as long as they can.  Not only am I waiting on this paycheck, I'm still waiting on my reimbursement check from the Pathologists for over-paying.  Everyone wants their money, and they want it now.  But if I don't get paid for my work, I'm supposed to wait for when it is convenient for them.  What a load of crap!  UGH.

Everyone wants paid... but apparently I don't..... **sarcasm**

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  1. DH and I had a similar discussion last week.

    He has a chronic cough that we can't figure out for the life of us. And we're trying, but it's getting expensive because of how our insurance works and it's just plain frustrating.

    He's also a mechanic, and he was complaining about how if he put customers through the things his doctors are putting him through, he would be out of a job.

    Crazy isn't it?