Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Opportunities, but What Path Should I Take?

Well, I have put out my resumes for work study positions.  I have to have a work study set by September 30th!  YIKES!  I'm just waiting to hear back from these people.  As of yesterday, the IDS school newspaper and student media has scheduled an orientation for me:  Thursday, September 22nd at 7 PM.  This should be fun!  It's definitely ideal, since afterall, I'll get to play around with many more interactive programs for the internet and come up with fun blog and website ideas.  I know I'll like it.

However, I had my heart set on a work study position at this theater here in town.  It is a historic theater, and the work study positions were as assistants in public relations and marketing.  It is totally up my alley.  I would love this.  But they haven't e-mailed me or called me back all week.  I'm bummed.  But who knows, maybe they'll ask for me to join their crew later?  This ideal situation has me thinking....

I will not turn away this position with the IDS school newspaper and student media.  As a matter of fact, it is a paying job.  But they work with the university, so I can do my work study there.  AWESOME!  But what if... what if the theater calls me up and says that they want to hire me as their work study assistant?  I don't know if I could switch work study jobs.... My ideal situation would be to set up the IDS as a work study position.  Then IF the theater hires me, I'd like to switch my work study position to the theater (because they only hire work-study), and take the IDS as a part time job.  If I did that... I would have to quit my job at Five Guys.

I won't lie.  Quitting Five Guys sounds awesome because the work is just not my cup of tea.  I needed a job.  I got the job.  I established great relationships there.  I haven't worked there long, but I really like the crew (some of them) and my bosses.  One of my bosses is one of my references.  I would hate to lose a good reference by being a short-term employee.  I've been there for about a month and a half.  To put my 2 weeks notice in (IF I get the theater job) now... I feel like I'm cheating on them!  Why?!  I have no idea.  But there is no way I could do 18 credit hours in school and work 3 jobs.  No. Way.  Besides, the IDS position and the theater are in my field of studies.... Five Guys is not.

So, I am kind of worried.  I would hate to let everyone at Five Guys down.  I'd hate to leave them.  But I will have to if these opportunities present themselves.  And, I'm worried about what that will do to my references....  Also, there is an incentive to stay.... a chance at $1000 (which is highly likely due to our scores) at the end of the quarter.  An extra $1000 on my last paycheck there would be super nice.

Other than that, we're still kickin' it.  We've got all the bills caught up.  We're doing alright.  I'm a little bit behind on my school work.  I'm going to get serious about catching up this weekend.  Luckily, nothing is going on this weekend that will prevent me from spending a lot of time reading.

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