Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Fever Is Back

These past couple of days have been such a blast.  On Sunday, Travis and I went to his boss's Superbowl party.  I knew no one.  I was super nervous about meeting my husband's bosses wives.  I was hoping to make a good impression.  Needless to say, all of the wives I met were incredibly sweet and I talked with them non-stop.  I met two ladies who both had a baby less than a year old.  They were so adorable.  Both babies were really good, too.  Neither cried or threw a fit the entire night.  I got to play with the babies and talk to the moms about mommy things.  Neither of them looked at me or spoke to me like I was.... dumb.

Most mothers I know tell me that I don't have a clue what it is like to be a mom.  They will complain about motherhood, they will search for advice - but not from me.  They will solicit advice to me that I never asked for.  I do appreciate their good intentions, but sometimes, I can't help but feel like they think I'm stupid.

Previously, I talked about how I couldn't talk about pregnancy with my friends.  They knew I had gone through a miscarriage, and I felt like I couldn't join in the conversation.  It almost felt like I was outcasted because I don't have a baby.  I couldn't even talk about my pregnancy with them.  I just didn't feel like I belonged.  It was as if I was the big pink elephant in the room that you can't ignore, no matter how much you wanted to.

When I spent the evening talking with these mothers - I never once felt like an outcast.  They talked without inhibitions about their pregnancy.  They embraced the questions that I had and the experiences I have had.  They respected that Travis and I were waiting - even though I have baby on the brain like crazy.  I was never judged or felt like I was being judged.  They were completely accepting, and I didn't feel the way I did with my friends.  I had a great evening!  I think I will be talking with these ladies much more often.

Today, I spent the day with my mother-in-law Becky helping put together the Welcome Home party we were planning for my sister-in-law Amber.  Amber has been in Germany.  You can check out my 365 Day Picture Challenge blog for the post about her party.

As we were out shopping, I kept flocking to the baby stuff.  I couldn't help myself.  I catch myself looking for baby items all the time.  Becky laughed and asked me if there was something she needed to know.  Of course not - we are not expecting.  I'm just longing for a baby super bad.  Becky joked with Travis saying that we'll be having a baby soon.

At the party, the whole family was together.  I love those days.  I love my in-laws.  We use to spend every Sunday at Becky's house with all of Travis's brothers and sisters and our nephew.  I told them how much I had missed it since we've been working a lot and we haven't had the opportunity to visit in over a month.  Travis said, "You know you can go over to my mom's place any time you want!"  And he's right.  I can.  And I would love that.  I think I should do that more.

When we were all together, of course our nephew had everyone's attention.  He's a doll, and he loves to entertain.  Becky made a little comment saying, "Travis and Liz will be next!"  Everyone looked at me, expecting for a follow up of me saying I'm pregnant.  Travis remarked on all the looks, saying, "Thanks mom, now everyone is going to talk."  Haha - it was all in good fun.  Becky responded that I've been all over the baby stuff lately - it's just going to happen sooner than we plan.  ::shrug::  Maybe she's right.  But maybe I can put off my longing for a little while longer until I know for sure that Travis and I will be ok to take on a beautiful little baby (that looks just like Travis :P ).

I know it seems crazy, but I already have ideas for a nursery.  We already have baby names picked out. I just can't seem to help myself.  It's a Baby Fever I've caught!  It's only going to get worse, I know.  So, why not share my Baby Fever with my blog friends.  I like you guys.

Baby Names:
I've always had an obsession with 2 middle names.  I don't know why I love it so much.  But Travis is cool with it, so our kids will have 2 middle names.  We agreed that the first name has to be a name that we both agree on.  If it is a boy, the first middle name will be Travis's choice.  If it is a girl, the first middle name will be my choice.  The second middle name will be the other's choice.  And I love names that have tradition and meaning.

For a boy, we've chosen the name Nathaniel Robert Dean W.....  Nathaniel is Hebrew meaning "Gift of God."  We like it because our child could go by Nathaniel, Nathan, Nate, or even Neil.  Plus, the name is a solid, strong name for when he is an adult.  Travis chose Robert because that is his middle name.  Robert is also Travis's father's middle name.  And Robert is Travis's grandfather's name.  It's a good family name to pass down.  Robert means "bright fame."  I chose Dean for the second middle name because it is my father's middle name.  It isn't a name you hear often.  Not only do I think of my dad, but I also think of a legendary icon - James Dean.  When Travis and I met, we realized we had the exact same poster of James Dean.  Dean Martin is also a legendary member of the "Rat Pack" - which Travis and I find so fascinating.  Dean means "Valley" - which isn't really much of a meaning.

For a girl, we've chosen the name Shelby Ann Barbara W.....  I've always been in love with the name Shelby, and Travis thought it was a good fit with our last name.  I chose the middle name Ann because it is my middle name.  Back in the day, my grandmother and her sister decided to start a tradition.  My grandmother named her first daughter Charlotte Ann (my mother).  My great-aunt named her first daughter Sherry Ann.  My mom had me - Elizabeth Ann.  Sherry had Kelsey Ann.  To keep with the tradition, I will be using the middle name Ann.  Shelby is also a perfect fit because it sounds similar to Charlotte and Sherry.  Travis chose the middle name Barbara after his grandmother who passed away with Lou Gerigg's.  She was such a loving, beautiful, strong willed woman.  She had a good hand in raising Travis to be the man he is today.  Shelby means "sheltered town."  Ann means "Graceful."  Barbara means "Stranger."  If you jumble the meanings around, Shelby Ann Barbara could say:  A graceful stranger in a sheltered town.  I love it.

I find gray walls in nurseries to be so appealing.  I love how they make a room look large and comfy, and all bright colors in the room just pop.  I want my child's room to be bright - but not nauseatingly bright.  I think gray walls, white trim, and white furniture would look perfect for a nursery.  I know if we have a girl, Travis is just going to have to deal with pink.  I have so many stuffed animals and ballerina decor from when I was a little girl.  My daughter will have a ballerina themed nursery.

Less white and add ballerinas - it would be perfect.

For a boy, I just want bright colors.  I love how bright blue and orange look against gray.  When I found this picture, it became my inspiration.  Travis is such a nature, out-doorsy person.  It would only be suiting to our son to have that sort of theme for his room, too.

And it has little blue birds too!  It matches my blog!

A girl can dream....


  1. I love the boy nursery! I'd really like to have something like that painted on the walls of our nursery, but I just have no artistic ability.

  2. I think they are wall decals that you can just put on the wall!! I've seen them before! No artistic ability is needed. Just peel the stickers and hang them where you want them!

    1. There is no way I could create something like that with paint! So I hear ya!