Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting Busy & Rockin' Out!

Hey all!  I'm just writing this post to inform you that I have not forgotten about this blog!  I have a lot of projects coming up, events to plan and put together, as well as volunteering obligations that are pulling me away.  I will be posting, but not as much between now and April.

So for now, I want to share an event that I put together with the general manager of the hotel.  For only having 2 weeks to plan and get the word out (and having NO marketing/advertising budget whatsoever), we had an amazing turn out!  Not to mention, Travis and I were able to hang out with the band AND hold a Grammy award!  It just so happens that the band had so much fun, they plan on making this an annual event!  YAY!

**More pictures will be posted later on our 365 Day Picture Challenge!**

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