Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Step 1: Build An Emergency Fund

Our current goal right now is to follow the Seven Baby Steps offered by Dave Ramsey.  We're starting today!

So, baby step #1: build an emergency fund.  Sounds easy.  But that emergency fund is $1000.  We have $0 in our savings.  It is up to us right now to pay off the minimum payments towards all our bills.  We have to continue paying for our monthly expenses, such as rent, electric, food, gas, etc.  So, thinking about it, this is going to take a little while.  Once we can build this emergency fund, we'll be able to have something to fall back on in case something happens.  To help us get there, we are selling my husband's car.  Two cars is a luxury, and we cannot afford the maintenance and insurance on his car.  We're also selling some furniture and random items.  I hold on to my books.  I love my books.  But I'm even going to sell them.  I want a library some day, so I see this opportunity as a temporary separation.  I don't *need* them.  I just want them.  So there's the difference.

At the top of the post section, I have a handy dandy ticker dedicated to savings that I got from Ticker Factory online.  It's great because you enter in the amount you need to save, and whenever you add to your savings, you can add it onto your ticker!  I'm going to have tickers for every step.  I think I will get a much more satisfaction seeing all the tickers completed.  Plus, I have you lovely readers to keep us on track!

We are also using the budget sheets available on Dave Ramsey's website.  We are going to do this!  This is the first step towards building our nest!


  1. This is awesome!! Congrats on starting on the journey! My husband and I took Dave's FPU (Financial Peace University) class this past spring and we have never been better! We don't fight over money anymore! It is hard to stick to, but we already have one credit card paid off, and are working on the others. It is a tedious journey, but SOOOO worth it once you get the hang of it!! Good luck with your endeavors!!!!!

  2. P.S. Just remember the four walls. If something happens and you can't pay for all your bills, just keep paying the four walls. Food, shelter, utilities, and transportation. NEVER get behind on the four walls and you will do great! :-)

  3. Ah, yes! The four walls! This sounds like an awesome idea for a post! :) Thank ya!