Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cheap Date Night!

So, one thing about saving up for money means less time going out and spending it!  Obviously!  Well, what about having a date night with the other half?  Looks like we'll be getting creative!

Tonight, we are having our first cheap date night!  What are we doing?  We have strawberries and sandwiches packed, and we are going to a "secret place" that my hubster won't tell me where it is to watch the meteor shower!!  I'm super excited!!

The weather alert says there is a thunderstorm watch for tonight.  I'm not too excited about that.  Sorry mother nature, you are not ruining date night!  And you better not be in my way from seeing cool meteors!


Mother Nature decided to be cruel.  We went to Morgan/Monroe State Forest, and the storm pretty much pushed us out.  The clouds were so thick and heavy, it was impossible to see the stars.  And the lightning pretty much freaked me out.  So, we came back home.  Oh well, at least we managed to enjoy our time watching the storm roll in over the lake.  It was quite beautiful.

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