Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting Rid of What We Don't Need

I have honestly been thinking of selling literally everything.  If I could sell it, I would.  I would sell whatever I could and start from scratch!  But a lot of our furniture are hand-me-downs, and when we got them - they weren't in the best condition.  So those things probably won't ever sell.

We aren't in desperate mode just yet.  If we were desperate - you better believe I'd be getting rid of some of our nicer things, like the TV, entertainment center, book case, dressers, even the bed!  But we're not desperate yet.  So, what are the luxuries that we have that are just a hole in the pocket?

First and foremost, my husband's car.  We can't afford to fix it and keep up the maintenance on it.  We've managed to do just fine with only one car.  For school, I take the public transit to campus and walk.  I don't need a car on those days.  Plus, what's great about it is I can also walk to my husband's work from campus.  So later in the evenings, I could actually get a delivery driver to pick me up on his rounds and take me to his work or take me back home.  It's pretty neat to have that available.  If for some reason they can't, I can always call the campus safety transport to take me home.  If I had to go to work, I would need the car, or I would need a ride.  My husband and I are pretty good about sharing and taking turns, so I highly doubt we'll have any issues with this.  Plus, our schedules work well together to make it less of a hassle.  Bye bye beast car.

1994 Pontiac Grand AM - You were convenient, but we won't miss you!

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