Monday, August 15, 2011

First Call about the Car!

Some people think we are crazy.  We are selling my husband's car.  The only reason we are selling his car is because we cannot afford the insurance and maintenance on it.  We currently have one car that is paid off, has insurance to cover both of us, and it is in great condition.  But hubby's car needed a new fuel pump and there is an easy fix for the left brake thingy (obviously, I know nothing about cars).  Basically, the car needs about $400 of work into it that we just can't afford.  Plus, we cannot afford to get car insurance for hubby and I on that car.  We are selling it for a decent price - what it is worth minus the extra costs that are needed to repair the fuel pump and brake.

To have one car might sound like a bad idea.  But where we live, there is readily available public transportation.  For starters, taking the bus is not that bad.  I usually take the bus to campus anyways because it costs way to much to pay for parking.  I can easily walk anywhere I need to when I'm on campus.  My husband likes to skateboard and ride his bike, so that is usually his way of transportation to and from work.  Sometimes, he and his co-workers will carpool.  The only time we really need the car is to get groceries and for me to get to work.  Sometimes, my husband will take the car to work while I'm on campus all day (Mondays and Wednesdays are 13 hour days!).  And if anything, IU has this awesome Safety Transport system.  If at any time, day or night, we need a ride from point A to point B - all we have to do is call the number for the Safety Transport, and an IU marked van with 2 employees (one male, one female) will pick you up and take you to where ever you need to go.  There really is no use for a second car in our lives right now.

So - the car has only had a "For Sale" sign on it for a few days.  It hasn't even gotten cleaned yet - haha! A gentleman called my husband today, and he is interested in the car!  He totally agrees with the price!  He is going to talk to his wife overnight, and he'll call us back tomorrow.  I guess they need a car that will get them from point A to point B.  The maintenance on the car doesn't seem like a big deal to him for the price we are asking.  I'm super excited about this!  The money we make from this car will go directly into our emergency fund and paying off some of those medical bills!  **Fingers Crossed!**

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