Saturday, January 19, 2013

Close Call! Where's My Cat?

Totally random post, but I just had to share the events that took place on Friday.

I worked late to finish up some big projects at work.  Around 7 PM, I headed home.  It was super windy outside, and I didn't really think anything of it.  I was on the phone with my mother when I pulled into the drive.  Where Travis and I have to park, it's a little parking area Travis and his dad created across the street.  No one lives across the street, and my grandfather-in-law (I'll just call him Grampa from here on out.  That's what we all call him.) owns the property across the street.  It's just a thick wooded area.

So I parked the car, and I wasn't in a rush to get out of the car since it was so cold outside and my car was uber warm.  My mom and I were chatting when all of a sudden I hear a loud crashing sound.  I look up, and a big tree branch falls onto the telephone pole - which then breaks the telephone pole down.  The branch and telephone pole land about 2 feet away from the back end of my car.  I thought it was going to land on my car!  The street went black.  I could see that the power lines were on the road right behind my car.  I couldn't get to the house without crossing the down power line.  I freaked out, and my mother - who was on the phone the entire time - kept saying, "Oh God, don't get out of the car!  Whatever you do, don't get out of the car!"  

I was startled and asked her, "What do I do, Mom?"  She replied, "I don't know.  Call 911!"  So I got off the phone and called 911.  Just then, I heard a knock on my window.  It was Travis's dad, Steve.  What in the world was he doing walking around outside with a down power line?!  He asked if I was ok, and if I saw what happened.  I told him what happened.  After we talked for a few minutes, I could hear the sirens in the distance.  Steve walked off, and there I was in the car alone.  I was too freaked out to try and get out of the car.  Then I saw flashing lights.  Firemen came to the rescue!

Firemen to the rescue!
**Sorry for the blurry, dark photos.**
I had my window down, so when the firemen approached me, they ordered me to stay in my car and told me not to move my car at all.  They walked up and down the street, talked on their walkies and what not.  Then two firemen came up to me.  They asked, "Are you coming or are you going?"  I told them I just got home from work.  They asked where I lived, and I told them "Across the street."  A helicopter flew over with the spotlight shining down.  It kind of felt like a movie....

A few minutes later, the same two firemen came back and said, "If you want to go to the house, go now.  We're taking precautions and we'll walk with you."  I grabbed my things and stepped out.  When I got close to the wire, I told the firemen, "You guys are in these big rubber boots.  I'm in these heels.  Are you sure that once I step onto the pavement that I won't get blown up?"  They laughed and said, "We don't believe it is live."  I responded, "Well, I guess we'll find out in 2 seconds!"  The firemen walked me up to the house, and I didn't get blown up. :P

Firemen blocking off the street.
If you look closely, you can see the power line in the neighbor's yard.

The firemen blocked off the road.  I told them my husband was on his way home from work.  They told me to contact him ASAP and tell him that he had to park on another street and walk around the other way to the house until they got it cleaned up.  I called Travis to let him know.

Another fireman came up to the house and asked me if I reported the incident to 911.  He had another person's name written down, but apparently, there were quick a few calls because the sparks were bright and the crash was loud.  I answered a few questions, and he explained that they were waiting for the electric company to come out.  

Right before he left, I stopped him and said, "I know this is super cliche, but someone let my cat outside - so he's out here.  I saw him right before the whole thing happened.  I'm sure he ran off into the woods, but I'm super worried about him.  If you see a grey cat, he lives here."  The fireman laughed a little and said, "Eh... they've got 9 lives."

I joked with him, saying, "Come on, man... that's my cat!"  He replied, "I'm sure he's fine, but if turns up, we'll bring him home."  I thanked him and went inside.

Of course, I had to post everything on Facebook.  I was wired. (haha, see what I did there?)  My friend, Jess, lives just around the corner from us.  We were talking on Facebook chat, and when I brought up my grey cat, Smokey, she told me a funny story!

Apparently, her girl kitty cat, Nala, is in heat.  Smokey and his homeboy (who is a big orange cat that lives next door to us - we'll call him Charlie) have been hanging out at Jess's place!  They will meow all night and stare in through their windows.  Talk about creepers....  Don't worry, Smokey and Charlie are both neutered.  But, Jess and I carried on for the rest of the night - joking about Smokey/Nala kittens and kitty support.  We think that since Jess is holding some of our furniture in her sunroom until we get a place of our own, Smokey has been coming to her place and hanging out around the sunroom because he smells us.  Poor kitty must get really confused sometimes.  Either way, at least I know if he's not home or next door, he's over at Jess's place.

That was my crazy Friday night!  I'm ok.  My car is ok.  My cat is ok.  It ended up being an ok night!  And I am super thankful that my Guardian Angels were watching out for me.  It could have turned out worse!

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