Monday, January 14, 2013

Proposing to the Husband

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Travis and I agreed for Christmas, our gifts to each other were new wedding bands.  Travis's wedding band arrived the other day.  I went to pick it up without him with me, and I came up with a brilliant idea!  Why not propose to my husband just for fun?

I asked a few people what creative suggestions they had.  Everyone gave me some awesome ideas.  I had everything I wanted to say planned out.  I knew I wanted to get down on one knee.  It was going to be the works!

I kept the ring in the box in my purse.  Travis doesn't really go through my purse... ever.  He calls it the endless pit.  BUT, I didn't have my purse zipped up.  It was open and laying on the floor by the bookcase.  I got lazy, what can I say?  Sure enough, Travis came home and lo and behold, there was the box sitting right on top.  ::FACEPALM::

Travis got excited and asked if it was his ring.  I grabbed my purse and tried to hide it from him.  He asked me, "Why can't I have it?  I want to wear it!  Are you planning something?"  I nodded.  He told me that was ok and that he wanted the surprise.  He said he'd wait, but he couldn't wait too long.  This was back on Sunday night.

I still have no idea how to propose, and the poor guy is about to freak.  I'm getting all crazy butterflies.  Jeez... this isn't even for real!  No wonder guys get so worked up about proposing!  I don't know why I'm so shy about it!  I will never give Travis a hard time about his proposal ever again.  I'll definitely share how I propose with all of you.

Anyways, here's his ring!

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