Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Facebook Addiction

I am making another promise to myself for 2013.  I am absolutely addicted to Facebook.  I'm on it every. single. day.  It's a horrible habit.  I waste hours of my day on Facebook.  So I am making a promise to only get on Facebook once a week for the entire year.  Yes, it is drastic.  But I need to do something a little drastic.  I am a Facebook addict.

I've realized that Facebook has some upsides to it.  I can reconnect with old friends.  I can stay in touch with long distant family members.  I can share photos for genealogy or even share photos of my adorable nephews and watch cute videos of them dancing or saying a new word.  I stay updated on news going on around my city.  It has its perks.  But because I am on it ALL the time, I've found it brings a lot more harm than good in my life.  Cutting back would bring more of that positivity back because I wouldn't be so exposed to things that bring me negativity.

I see terrible pictures of animal abuse on my newsfeed.  I'm flooded with mean political remarks on their status updates.  I see religious arguments going on between family and friends.  I've always been one who would say that people can post whatever they want on their profile - and they don't have to hear anyone else's opinion.  They could delete posts that disagree with their views.  I think people can have total control over what is on their profile.  If people disagree with that person's stance, they shouldn't take it so personal - and if it offends them, they can just hide the post (with that handy dandy arrow in the top right corner) or stop following the person they find offense to.  If it is super offensive, then they can unfriend the person all together.  Whatever.  People don't always post things on Facebook just to start a fight.  If they do, ignore it.  I don't understand how hard that is.  People are entitled to share their own thoughts and views without being hounded for it - as long as it is on their profile.

However, I do know that if someone posts something on Facebook, they are sharing it.  Knowing that, the person should know that other people are going to probably instigate an argument or throw in their two cents - even if it wasn't asked for.  But you have the right to delete the posts you don't like or continue with the debate.  But every time it goes into a debate, some people just don't have the ability to not take things incredibly personal, even when it was never intended to be personal.

I have become so bitter and anti-social because of Facebook.  I've seen some true colors come out in people that I can't even comprehend.  What's super annoying is people take Facebook out into the real world.  I can't tell you how many times (one particular person comes to mind) where I will share something or say something I agree with, only to be harassed about it outside of Facebook on a daily basis.  Worst part is, I can't run away from it.

Another thing I've learned is that I've shared too much to everyone.  Why does anyone care about what I wore today?  Why does anyone care about seeing Coheed with his Christmas presents?  Why do I have to share what days I'm working and what days I have off?  Why do I have to get on my phone and share a picture immediately even though I'm having dinner with friends? It is absolutely redundant.

I've tried restricting my profile from selected groups.  I've made lists and set up privacy settings for each list.  Even though I'm protecting my page the best I can, not everyone knows how to do this.  So of course, it is automatically assumed that I'm sharing everything with everyone when I'm not.

I know we haven't been handed the smoothest road to travel, but Travis and I are doing ok.  I know this.  I'm ok with that.  But I could be using my time better elsewhere.  I could be doing something more proactive than sitting around in front of a computer screen.  But yet, I sit here... and I see everyone else sharing pictures of their babies, making announcements about a new bun in the oven, showing off the new home they've purchased or giving themselves mad props for getting promoted or a new great job.  I get jealous.  I'll be honest.  Instead of working on bettering me, I'm tearing myself down comparing myself to everyone else's joys.  I don't know why I do it.  I just know that I do it.

Why do I even use Facebook?  I like to stay connected with friends and family that I'm not that close to personally.  I really do enjoy hearing my friend had the perfect proposal.  I love finding out that old friends are having babies.  I like knowing that people are actually succeeding in this world.  People share some really funny things too.  I love to see what everyone has to share.  Except for the negativity and prophesying - it gets overwhelming.  But I can only control what I respond to.  Restricting myself down to one day a week will make me focus more on the positive and fun stuff, because that's what I search for.  It's only when I stick around and get bored do I let the negative things get to me.  I can't let myself do that and make myself more bitter and upset.

I've had a lot of ups and downs lately.  2012 was a rough year - but it was easier than the previous 2 years.  I want 2013 to be better.  I want to better myself in anyway I can.  I am going to force myself to do more drastic things this year to hopefully bring more positivity in my life.  Facebook is the first to be cut down.

So for all of my friends on Facebook, I won't be around as often as I was before.  But you can always call me!  My number is on there!

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