Saturday, January 26, 2013


I HAVE to brag.  I feel like such an idiot for not asking for a signature or picture.
Way to go Liz!  A big deal walks in the door and you talk to him, and you have this 365 Photo Project but, nah, we won't take a pic or anything to share.  BAH!

Next celebrity I meet, I'm getting a picture!

I work in a hotel.  I love it there.  You never know what in the world the next day is going to be like or who you are going to meet.  A local music.... I don't know what they are called.... they book concerts and make sure the musicians have a place to stay.  Well, majority of their country musicians stay at our hotel.  A lot of times, they are not your super iconic celebrities.

BUT, today, I said hello to Brantley Gilbert.  Ok, ok, you might be saying "who?"  He's growing in popularity in the country/class rock genre.  This is the dude:

It was so funny.  He walked up, was texting or something on his smart phone with all of his luggage, just checking out of his room.  I had to do a double look because I thought he looked familiar.  Hence, this is why I said hi to him - so I didn't seem super awkward or anything. ::rolls eyes::  The hotel manager, Lisa, had a message for him, so she chatted with him for a bit.  I could not figure out why he looked so stinkin' familiar.

Once he left, Lisa asked, "Is he some famous country singer?  He was with *name of client I cannot disclose*"  For some reason, the name sounded familiar but it didn't click this morning.

Gladys, one of my coworkers, replies, "I think so."

Lisa commented that he doesn't look like the typical country singer.  She and I both said he looked more a rocker dude.  Gladys agreed, "I don't know if he's country.  He has way too many piercings to be a country singer."  Gotta love Gladys!!! :P

I looked him up online.  Once I saw his most popular picture on the computer and the titles of his songs, I knew who he was!

I wish I had gotten a picture.  I wish I had gotten pictures of all the celebrities I've met:  Wenona Judd, Ron White, Meg Ryan, Howie from BSB, Angelo Pizzo.... *sigh*  I never think about getting an autograph or picture taken.  Who does that?!?  I cannot believe I spaced it.  I guess this pic will have to do.

WKLB Country 102.5

I have not forgotten about my 365 Photo/Video Project.  Tomorrow is my day off and I'll be uploading all of my pictures onto my computer and what not.  A lot of times, I'll take pictures throughout the day - and then I select the best pic from that day.  It's been a pretty stressful week.  Catch ya tomorrow!

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