Wednesday, January 16, 2013

He Got a Promotion!

Travis has been working so hard at his job.  He pulls long hours, and he's been working his way up through the ranks in a short amount of time.  Travis works at a local discount factory warehouse - and he started as a temp working in the back putting furniture together.  They hired him full time because he was a hard worker.  After his bosses got to know him, they decided he'd be a better fit on the sales floor during their auctions.  Travis nailed it.  Not only was Travis making great commissions, he still would help out in the back with inventory and set up.  Because of Travis's pure dedication and determination, he has been promoted to Manager in Training!

I'm so proud of him!


  1. That's really exciting! Congrats to him :)

  2. Thanks Victoria! He's been working super hard, and it's definitely paying off in the end! But because he's Manager in Training - sometimes he'll work 21 hours in a day! Hopefully his hours even up soon.